Filmcore, a Los Angeles-based film editing and distribution company, is an example of a growing sector of San Francisco’s economy—positioned at the intersection of digital technology and film and television. In late 2005, Filmcore asked us to help them develop a cost-conscious space which would facilitate communication between their editors and staff while creating a home-like environment within which to host their many ad-agency clients. As part of the program, Filmcore asked that the design maximize natural light while highlighting the raw charm of their new industrial loft space.

To accomplish these ends we employed three key components: 1) an open living space to encourage casual interaction among staff and clients; 2) a continuous wall of translucent sliding glass doors and fixed panels to provide privacy for the editing rooms along the north perimeter wall while allowing the natural light to enter into the central communal space; and 3) Residential inspired built-ins, furnishings and warm lighting to create the feeling of a home rather than corporate office.

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