Wilson Residence

A farm family native to the California Delta region, the owners wanted to move from their suburban home to a working farmhouse in the midst of their pear orchard. The program included a residence, a barn, and a guest quarters. The buildings are loosely arranged around a central courtyard to create a sheltered area for family gatherings and allude subtly to historic California farm compounds. Long and low, each building looks back on the others across the open courtyard, unified by an understated farm vernacular composed of simple forms, natural materials, and finely crafted details.

Melander Architects was honored to inherit this project at an early phase from our friend, the late architect David Morton. In developing and executing his schematic design, it was crucial to both the Wilsons and our office that David’s vision be respected. In the end the client felt we created a project that blended our voice in harmony with David’s original vision.

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